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March 24, 2022

Packaging items is a vital step in promoting your company image and ensuring that your goods are high-quality and safe. Fortunately, there are several packing machines to select from in order to accomplish the task.

Deciding on which one best matches your requirements can benefit your business in the long run. You’ll have to think about the pros and cons of each machine to figure out which one is best for you.

Packaging machines come in all shapes and sizes, from simple manual machines that require human interaction, to highly sophisticated automated systems that can pack a wide variety of products.

When it comes to packaging, there are two main types: form fill seal and premade bag packaging machines.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type.

Advantages of Using Premade Bag Packaging

Capable of sealing advance packages

One of the biggest advantages of using premade bag packaging is its capability to seal advanced packages.

Packages such as stand-up bags, zipper bags, spout pouches, and block bottom bags are just a few of the packages that can be accommodated by premade bag packaging.

Plus, with the use of a heat sealer, you can be sure that the package is properly sealed and will not leak.

It reduces labor costs

Another great advantage of using premade bag packaging machines is that they save labor costs because they are automatic. It can take the place of one or more workers who would have to individually package each item by hand.

This can amount to significant savings in time and money.

The packaging process could even be done without any human help at all, which would save a lot of time and money.

This is also advantageous, especially if the product contains hazardous chemicals that may put the employees in danger.

We all know that manual packaging isn’t an option for certain items, such as those that are very dusty, hazardous, irritating, or radioactive, but automated packaging may help protect employees’ health.

Additionally, the machine may prevent environmental contamination caused by human operational error. In the end, this will gain a reputation for the organization, and safeguard the health of personnel.

Effective in business management

With premade bag packaging, there is no need for special skills or training. Anyone with basic packing skills can use this type of packaging machine. This is why it is efficient for business management.

Its relatively simple design of the touch screen control system makes it easy to use, making it more user-friendly. The premade bag packaging machine is conveniently designed for use with various downstream packing equipment, such as a liquid filling machine and metal detectors.

Additionally, the deployment of workplace automation and modernization may demonstrate the economic leverage of businesses. Clients are more inclined to collaborate with businesses that have proven their production efficiency.

Auto-detect advantage

It is possible to recycle this bag because the device has a feature that can tell if it has been used before.

If the bag isn’t filled and the material isn’t sealed before it is put in the bag, problems and malfunctions could be found in the machine.

Maintenance staff can save time by having the status shown on a touch screen.

Disadvantages to Using Premade Bag Packaging

Higher Machine Costs

One of the huge disadvantages of using premade bag packaging machines is their high machine costs. It’s not just the cost of the initial investment that you need to think about. You also need to think about the electricity and maintenance costs.

In some cases, the machines may also require specially-trained operators, which can add to the cost. If your business is not doing well, these costs may be too prohibitive for you to maintain your packaging machine.

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of small businesses and startups usually avoid using premade bag packaging machines. They are simply too expensive and may not be worth the investment.

Higher Package Maintenance Costs

To keep bag-packing machines in good working order for a long time, they need to be kept up to date.

Maintenance is performed on a timely basis. It is estimated that the service life of typical equipment is 8–10 years or even longer. Maintenance and updates are required. However, they may be used for up to eight years.

To know how to maintain and clean premade pouch packaging machines, click this link and check out this video by Viking Masek Packaging Technologies.

As a result, product packaging equipment needs will continue to increase with the times, and as a result, sophisticated and automated equipment may supersede manual operations.

In the long run, firms will eliminate manual investment and use unmanned operations to sustain their business. As a result, the bag packing machine will quickly become the best thing for businesses to use.

Now that we have that for the premade bag packaging machine, let’s go over the form fill and seal bag machine!

What is a Form Fill Seal Bag Machine?

Form fill seal machines (FFS) are one type of packaging machine. They are used to package a wide variety of products in a wide range of shapes and sizes. FFS machines can be either semi-automated or fully automated, depending on the model.

They can automatically fill and seal a bag, making them a very efficient way to package products. The most common type of FFS machine is the horizontal form fill seal machine.

This type of machine has a conveyor belt that moves products horizontally through the machine.

The products are then filled with product or gas, depending on the application, and the bag is automatically sealed. There is also vertical form fill seal machines that are used to package products that are taller than they are wide.

These machines typically have a shorter conveyor belt, as the products travel vertically through the machine. 

FFS machines can be used to package a lot of different things, like food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Advantages of Choosing a Form Fill Seal Bag Machine


The machine can package a product in a matter of seconds, which can speed up the production process. Form fill seal bag machines can automatically fill and seal a bag, which makes it an efficient way to package products.

The machine can also package the product correctly, which can help to cut down on waste.

This also means you can productively divert your time to other business agendas as the form fill seal bag machine will do the packaging for you.

Reduction in costs

Since the form fill seal machine is automated, it requires less labor to operate. Company owners won’t have to pay for someone to operate the machine, which can lead to cost savings.

Productivity is always an important concern for business owners, and a form fills seal bag machine can help to increase it. It is not only a time saver but also helps in reducing the packaging cost.

The form fill seal bag machine is perfect for emerging small and large businesses.

Product versatility

Another great advantage of the form fill seal is its product versatility. It can package a wide variety of products in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This makes it an ideal machine for businesses that want to package a variety of products.

The form fill seal bag machine is also able to package products quickly and efficiently, which can help to speed up the production process.

Easier maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a form fill seal machine, it is way easier than the premade bag machine. A good practice to maintain this machine is to keep the area around it clean and free of debris.

It is also important to keep the conveyor belt clean and free of product buildup. You can do this by using a vacuum or a broom to clean it. In addition, you should check the seals on the bagging area to make sure they are tight.

Disadvantages of Form Fill Seal Bag Machine

Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Form fill seal machines are a great way to package products, but they also have a few disadvantages.

Bag Styles Are Limited

Unlike premade bag machines, form fill seal can only accommodate a few bag types, such as pillow bag, three side seal bag, four side seal bags, and gusset bag. The bag types cannot be changed once they have been done.

So, the business owner must select the right bag type for their product. This could limit the products that a business can package with a form fill seal machine.

Short productions are not suitable

Unfortunately, the form fill seal is not suitable for short productions.

This machine is made for high-volume production and is not ideal for businesses that have low production rates.


So, which packing machine is right for you? It depends on your specific needs and what type of business you run. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We can help!

Our team at Spack Machine has years of experience in the packaging industry, and we’re here to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect machine for your company. Contact us today to get started!

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